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Apr 29: 嵐得襄約跑 RTI 2018
Apr 21: SJCAA Sake Tasting Nite (清酒之&
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Lawn Bowling Day
12 Alumni and friends attended the 1st Lawn Bowling Fun Day at the Victoria Park on Sunday, 17 Dec.
(December 17, 2017) More...
2017 SJCAA 16th Golf Day
St. John's College Alumni Association, HKU 54 Alumni participated in the 16th SJCAA Golf Day held on ...
(December 12, 2017) More...
Reform of the Students' Association
The following message is sent to you for and on behalf of Mr. Jonathan Chu who is a 5th year resid ...
(November 27, 2017) More...
Welcoming Party for New Members 2017
More than 60 new members of SJCAA attended the Welcoming Party organised by SJCAA tonight at the Stu ...
(September 18, 2017) More...
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